Throughout history technology has repeatedly seduced – or should I say forced? – us to change the way we imagine ourselves and our lives. The age of disruption disguised as technological progress along with its social and environmental effects is testing our imagination yet again.


Meanwhile, a machinic form of cognition is developing a data-fed intuition, by way of collecting experiences and making assumptions. An alien form of automated thought emerges. Not striving for anything, it might still be bigger than the sum of its parts.


Deep Learning not only makes the cybernetic system of control more effective, it also introduces new factors of incalculability and improbability. What is the learning machine teaching its human counterparts? Can a tool for prediction become the bearer of improbable messages that might be needed in this entropic age?


All Intelligence is Artificial is a research project soon to be released as a podcast series via this site. Drawing from fiction, anthropology, art history and psychoanalysis, it will try to interpret technologies dreams, following its traces back to the human unconscious.